Hi parents and kids!  In this time of staying home we want to help you continue to learn about Jesus and how much he loves us.  To help with this we are having Kid's Club Worship videos which will include a children's message from Pastor Ted and a Bible story from Ms. Kim.  There are links below for you to download activity pages to do at home with you mom's and dad's.  Remember, we at Cross and Crown are praying for you and looking forward to the time we can return to in-person Kid's Club - until then, enjoy the videos!
Craft instructions may be included in the Kid's Club Worship attachments that may require additional supplies.  It is recommended that you have certain items on hand for your children to use.  These include: glue, colored construction paper or card stock, tissue paper, markers or crayons.  If other supplies are needed, you will be informed.  Thanks for joining us each Sunday! 
Kid's Club Worship 1 Activity Pages  -   The Greatest Commandment
Kid's Club Worship 2 Activity Pages  -   Pentecost Sunday
Miracles of Jesus 
Kid's Club Worship 5 Activity Pages  -   Noah and the Great Flood
Kid's Club Worship 6 Activity Pages  -   Moses Parting the Red Sea
Kid's Club Worship 7 Activity Pages  -   Moses and the Burning Bush
Kid's Club Worship 9 Activity Pages  -   David and Goliath (Print two of the brown pouch)
Kid's Club Worship 10 Activity Pages  - Jonah and the Big Fish
Kid's Club Worship 11 Activity Pages  - Daniel and the Lion's Den
Kid's Club Worship 12 Activity Pages  - Jesus Turns Water into Wine
Kid's Club Worship 13 Activity Pages  - Jesus Calms the Sea
Kid's Club Worship 14 Activity Pages  - Jesus Heals the Paralytic
Kid's Club Worship 15 Activity Pages  - Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers
Kid's Club Worship 16 Activity Pages  - Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
Parables of Jesus 
Kid's Club Worship 17 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Vineyard Workers
Kid's Club Worship 18 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Lost Sheep
Kid's Club Worship 19 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Two Sons
Kid's Club Worship 20 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Kid's Club Worship 21 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Wedding Feast
Kid's Club Worship 22 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Good Samaritan
Kid's Club Worship 23 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds
Kid's Club Worship 24 Activity Pages  - Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids
Kid's Club Worship 25 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Sower
Kid's Club Worship 26 Activity Pages  - Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builder
Advent Craft Projects - please gather the following supplies for the craft projects: construction paper, toilet paper or paper towel rolls (need 5), glue, and yarn.   
Advent and Christmas
Kid's Club Worship 27 Activity Pages  -      Lesson of the Advent Wreath
Kid's Club Worship 28 Activity Pages  -      Birth of John the Baptist 
Kid's Club Worship 29 Activity Pages  -      Mary is Visited by Angel Gabriel
Kid's Club Worship 30 Activity Pages  -      An Angel Visits Joseph in a Dream
Kid's Club Worship 32 Activity Pages  -       Nativity (Part 3)
Kid's Club Worship 33 Activity Pages  -       Wise Men Craft Project
Kid's Club Worship 33 Activity Pages (2)  -  Wise Men Activity Pages
Craft Supplies needed:  colored paper or construction paper, tape, glue, craft sticks, yarn.
Ten Commandments
Kid's Club Worship 49 Activity Pages  - Ninth and Tenth Commandments
Special Days
Kid's Club Worship 50 Activity Pages  - The Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit
You may need the following supplies to complete these crafts:  crayons/markers, glue and/or tape, scissors, cardstock, google eyes, yarn, ribbon, disposable plate (like Chinet).
Kid's Club Worship 60 Activity Pages  - Trinity Sunday
Disciples and Apostles
Supplies needed:  colored paper and colored cardstock, chenille sticks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, tape, egg cartons (2), paper plate, yarn, beads, and business size envelope.
 Miscellaneous People from the Old Testament