As our children grow and develop we as parents are focused on the day-to-day and milestone celebrations.  Here at Cross and Crown we want to focus on a number of spiritual and developmental milestones.  Contact the church office for more information.

Baptism Milestone

Parents and their child share one session with the Pastor to discuss the sacrament of Baptism and the theology behind this important act.  The milestone culminates with the baptism of the the child during a Sunday worship service.  

Baptism Application
First Communion Milestone

We believe that communion is for all people who believe in our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  At Cross and Crown Lutheran Church we begin instructing children when they start showing an interest in what is happening at God's table.  This may be as early of 4 years old.  The Pastor will have two sessions with the child and parents to discuss important theology around the Lord's Supper and simple prayer practices to implement at home.  We will then celebrate the completion of this milestone at a scheduled Sunday worship.  

Kindergarten Blessing the Backpacks Milestone

This milestone is for parents and their children entering Kindergarten in the fall.  This single session event focuses on the start of their education journey.  The Pastor and families discuss how God follows your child wherever they go, even school.  We look at helping those in need by bringing school items to donate to children in need.  The milestone is celebrated on the Sunday worship service prior to the start of school where all children are invited to bring their backpacks for a blessing on a successful school year.

Second Grade Prayer Milestone

In this single session families will meet with the Pastor to learn the Lord's Prayer and the Five Finger Prayer (prayers for others and self).  They will also learn to incorporate other prayer practices at home.  

Third Grade Bible Milestone

This milestone includes a single session with the Pastor to highlight the importants parts of the Bible.  The children and their parents will instructed on using the bible on a daily basis through storytime.  The children will be celebrated at Sunday worship by receiving their new Bible from the church.

Confirmation Milestone

Cross and Crown offers a two year program for our middle school youth that instructs them on the stories of the bible, Luther's small catechism and what the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is about.  This milestone culminates on Reformation Sunday during their 9th Grade school year during our Sunday worship where the teens will affirm their baptism in front of the congregation.